Make Love to the Moment

When you want to be part of the soulution…but you’re too busy or feeling discouraged: Reclaim Your Joy. Incrementally. Take one small step in that direction. And then another; moving forward toward feeling relief, feeling better.

‘Make love to the Moment; make love to Love. Become the Moment; become Love.’ I heard my Ecstatic Muse speak to me; such a Gift. So I found my favorite dance songs and levitated off the ground.

Cosmic Angel TV is a platform to inspire you so you can live your precious Life fully. Of course, Life has its ups and downs. Life is supposed to offer us the necessary ‘contrast’ to inspire new ‘Rockets of Desire’.

For too many years, societies were too afraid of pleasure, joy, and desire. Who knows, maybe that was necessary at the time, given where people were at then. But looking at happy babies is all you really need to understand that Joy is our natural state of being. Now, it is time to retrieve your capacity for Joy. In the 21st Century, perhaps we really are evolving beyond the Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon tendencies.

We seek elegant soulutions: ‘Money can’t buy it, drugs can’t buy, you can’t buy it. Love.’ So many ways of saying the same thing. And of course, we all need reminding. That’s what community is all about. This is the highest potential of socieites; lifting each other up.

So, if you’re feeling down, look around; inspiration is near.

And if you’re up, shine brightly; the needy are close at hand.

Cosmic Angel will continue shining Her Light & Her Love. Playful, with the irisdescent colors of Her Opalescent Universe. Igniting the Joie de Vivre in the Hearts of many, cross-pollinating frequencies of innovation, well-being, and happiness.


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