Getting Cosmic in San Diego

For years, I have been continually feeling into “where” is the most Epic place for me to live, based on a variety of factors: family, friends, climate, culture, projects, etc. San Diego wins out most in the Winter, as does Bali, Hawaii, Thailand, Australia & New Zealand. So, this Thanksgiving 2017 through early Spring, I’m in Carlsbad, CA, hosting a number of events for everyone:

Water Meditations for Singles ~ There are water meditations every Saturday night for singles 35+. We have both group & individual meditation time during this 2.5-hour event, 7-930pm PDT.

Artist Support Group ~ Conceptual Development ~ Every Thursday, we want to gather artists who are interested in support for developing their ideas. We select only a few artists at a time to be most effect.

Women’s Radiance Series ~ Every third Saturday, mid-afternoon to early evening, we do some yoga, breathing exercises, empowerment techniques, & holistic attunement to your highest good.

Carlsbad Flower Fields ~ This Spring we are eager for those ranunculus to blossom on acres of ocean view hills in North County Coastal San Diego. We love bringing people together to share special moments & inspire us all forward!



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