Yoga, Breath & Meditation


Today, more people than ever in the USA are practicing some type of yoga. There are many types of Hatha yoga, let alone the other kinds of yoga: Bhakti, Jnana, Karma, Tantra, Raja, Kundalini, et al.

Every type of yoga recognizes the importance of breathwork. “Breath is the vehicle,” we can say about most disciplines, sportif or spiritual. Doing gentle or vigorous breathing will clear the cobwebs out of your lungs and brain.

Now you’re ready to meditate. You can meditate sitting, standing, reclining, or moving. Dancing, walking, doing yard work, dishes, there are so many ways to meditate. We encourage you to begin any way that feels comfortable for you.

Some people like to chant a mantra or their name for the Divine. Others like to sit in absolute silence. Walking in Nature can be very fruitful for meditation. Some empty their mind, some hold a specific image which brings a sense of inner peace. The possibilities are truly endless.