Family Time

Since the age of 7, I’ve been contributing to the world of enlightening entertainment! As a child actor, then ballerina, modern dancer, poet, singer-songwriter, director, producer, inspirational speaker, etc., I have been on the leading edge of mainstream film, music, and television. Now, online media.

But, for the last many years, just as I was voted “most up-and-coming musician”, 1 of 150, out of 3000, by A&R legend Tim Sweeney of Los Angeles, my parents needed my help. With a few short years, they were gone. I needed time to process this rapid, tsunami of emotion that hit me without warning. Hence, this long absence. Oh, I’ve been on Facebook, blogging away, when I could. It was easy. My Twitter all-a-flutter, linked with my FB profile.

So, now, Spring of 2016, I’m officially resurrecting my creative artistry: I’m writing songs with a number of musicians in the Baltimore area while I complete some family business affairs. I’m continuing with my coaching clients, helping them as they integrate the  many options and changes in their lives. The heart & soul speak loudest, when we have enough time to listen; when we have that ‘calling’.

I’ve been writing poetry, attempting to describe the journey of this soul as I gather the rosebuds, those scattered treasures of my spiritual path. Oh, how rich am I! I’ve led a charmed Life, despite any apparent setback or tragedy. Isn’t it, these ostensible tragedies in our lives which launch those magnificent rockets of desire, leading us forward, pushing us, enticing us, daring us?

So, we  must embrace the paradox. Take the time & focus on what is clearly on our path to do. And thus, we grow, richer than before, if we take the time to integrate.